What makes InstructoVision different?

     Other than the tremendous experience and wide variety of programs produced and awards won, is our Philosophy Of Production.  We believe the audience should never be attracted to the production itself, but to the purpose – the message – of the production.

     The production should be of such quality that it doesn’t draw attention to itself, nor detract from the message. Our clients hire us to do a production, not to promote ourselves, but to reach the maximum number of viewers with their message.  Our client’s message or agenda must be presented in such a clear and simple fashion every viewer will ‘get it.’  When we do that, we have been ‘truly creative.’

      Video – in all its forms – can reach an important audience no other informational medium can effectively and efficiently reach.  That audience is the great number of Americans who are illiterate.  (In some parts of our culture, such as American Indian and Latino communities, 90% to 95% of the adults can’t read English nor Spanish.  Many educators believe 45% to 50% of all adults in America can’t read well enough to read out loud to their children.  They do not enjoy reading.)  Illiteracy is not the same as being dumb, incompetent, or not educated.  Many are very, very smart - business people, politicians, educators, religious leaders, community leaders and even computer nerds.  They can be the best and most knowledgeable workers.  One thing is for certain, they are very good at hiding their illiteracy.  For instance, Governor Rockefeller of New York could not read . It might be a medical condition, it might be they are from a different culture or didn’t get an education in English.  But whatever the cause, they need to be and deserve to be reached with our client’s information and/or message.  And that’s what we do best.

The principals of InstructoVision are:

Roy Williams, President, professionally producing films and videos for over 50 years.

His son, Michael C. Williams, Vice-President, professionally producing videos for over 25 yrs.

Peggy Williams, Secretary/Treasurer, wife & mother, handles the books.

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